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two emails for minor child both needing to sign consent




  • Sara

    Hi Susanne,

    Once both parents have access to the Client Portal, you can send them each the same document by going to the client's Overview page > Share. A window will then appear where you can select the name of the person whom you would like to send a document to. You can then select both of the parents names and the document you would like to send them.

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  • Michelle Anderson

    If you send the document to both parents, are they both signing one document (seeing already filled out information by the other parent) or is it as if they are signing separate documents and you'll get two completed versions?

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  • Sara

    Hi Michelle,

    By sending a document to both parents, they are each signing a separate document and once both are signed, you will see two of the same document within the client's profile with each of the parents names.

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