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Write Off Report in Simple Practice




  • Sara

    Hi Sue,

    In order to view a report of all write offs, go to Reports > Outstanding balances

    • Apply a date range
    • Filter by Clinician
    • Click More and remove "With Balance", add "Show Details"
    • This will then populate a column for write-offs

    You can also export this report to manipulate it further and find the total sum for the client write offs.

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  • Sue Elderbroom

    Thank you Sara! This is perfect!

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  • Barb Sundby

    We use this report each month to try to double check the write-offs we enter into our accounting system.  It was explained to us that the date range on this is not the date of service, but instead it is the payment date.  That works for us because we record our write-off totals in our accounting system based on the payment date. I have downloaded the Excel sheet from the Outstanding Balances report, but it doesn't look like the payment date is an included column.  How can we know the payment date associated with a specific write off amount?   Do you have to go into each claim to figure that out? 

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  • Sara

    Hi Barb,

    I have gone ahead and created a Help Request on your behalf so that someone from our Customer Success team can follow up with you to assist you with using this report and viewing the payment date.

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