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  • Sara

    Hi Rebecca,

    Currently clients can only upload documents and not videos into their Client Portal.

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  • Jazmin Crookes

    Has this changed at all? I do Child-Parent Therapy and I require parents to share videos during sessions. So far all my clients have just been sharing their screen with me and it works okay most of the time. It would be so much easier if my clients could just upload their video to their client portal.

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  • Jennifer Berry

    This is a major problem.  Video analysis is best practice in many settings especially with pediatric populations.  This is something that we would love a solution to.

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  • Carolyn Flynn

    Echoing these sentiments.  Is this a feature that could become available?  

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  • Tamara Thomas, CSOM

    Same, many myofunctional therapists who I have gotten to utilize SP are changing because it is so difficult to not have this option

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