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Telehealth Frozen, Can't Get Help from Blue Help Button




  • Rebecca L. Chinchilla

    I have the same issue.  This started for me last week.  Yesterday, my client and I could not hear or see each other, although my screen stated I was waiting on her and her screen stated she was waiting on me.  This interruption in telehealth creates late appointments and frustrations for both the client and I. Unfortunately, I cannot find a solution in the help section.  

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  • Sara

    Hi Koy and Rebecca,

    I have gone ahead and created a Help Request on your behalf so that someone from our Customer Success team can follow up with each of you to provide assistance with the Telehealth issues that you are each experiencing.

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  • Eric Weiss

    need help canceling cash payments


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  • Sara

    Hi Eric,

    To cancel a cash payment, go to the client's Overview page > Billing > filter by Transactions > Edit next to the payment > Delete payment.

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