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cant get my client list transferred to SP from another platform. its been weeks trying this. im told my clients are in my account but they are not. you really need actual humans to help. this is really disappointing and a huge waste of time and money.



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  • Sara

    Hi Mary,

    I was able to catch myself up with the conversation you had with my colleague Amy a couple weeks ago. I see that Amy was able tp provide you with a solution and also offered to set up a phone call with you to help you fix the issue however, no phone call was ever scheduled on your end. If you would like, I can create another Help Request so that another colleague can send you the scheduling link again.

    Alternatively, I can provide the solution again here in order to assist you with fixing the issue. All of your imported clients were imported as Inactive clients. In order to find these clients and make then active, you will need to go to your Clients & Contacts page and use the drop down menu to select Inactive Clients.


    We can correct this by rolling back the previous import or you can change the status of your current clients to Active. If you’d like to learn more about changing a client’s status, you can refer to this guide: Making a client inactive.

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