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Client was mistakingly marked as having paid in Cash. After deleting, still shows credit to account.




  • Sara

    Hi Thomas,

    Instead of deleting the invoice, you need to delete the payment for this client. To do this, go to the client's Overview page > Billing > filter by Transactions > Edit next to the payment > Delete payment. Once you have deleted the accidental payment, you can then re-create the invoice and add the correct payment.

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  • Thomas Steffora

    Thank you

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  • Maria Constantinou

    Hi! I do not have a "delete payment' option. What can I do to correct this same problem?


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  • Sara

    Hi Maria,

    I recommend creating a Help Request so that our Customer Success team can investigate this for you. Click on the ? icon in your account > Ask Questions > No > Contact Support > Send an Email Request.

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