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Walk and Talk Therapy Billing




  • Wendy Belding

    I found this and these responses all seem logical. 

    Also, more info including consent form at:

    You bill the same way you bill a regular service :) I start/end at the office so I can bill code 11 for Office. There is no code for "Outside" (but there's literally a code for everything else, including air medical helicopters!) Some folks I know use 99 ("Other place of service") instead of 11. No modifiers are needed.


    You have to start and end at your office to bill insurance.


    My supervisors have all said it’s fine as long as we visit the office first and collect an encounter signature at the end of the appointment (so we have to return to the building).


    I imagine it would either be POS 11 or 12 depending on whether it’s an office visit or home visit.


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  • Laura Woodward

    Hi! Would you be willing to share your consent form for walk and talk therapy with me?

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