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Group Practice's- How to limit the view of calendars of other therapists




  • *Thriving Center

    Great question. I wish I knew how to do this. This literally comes up all the time. 

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  • Sara

    Hi Alexander and Doug,

    Currently it is not possible to hide clinicians calendars from other clinicians within a practice. Clinicians can choose to only look at a specific calendar within their account but they can't be permanently removed from having access to specific ones or all.

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  • Justin Garber


    Has this issue been addressed? It would be valuable for those with growing group practices to limit clinician's access to others' calendars. I may consider another system if not. 

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    Also curious if this has been addressed. Thanks!

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  • Monica Thompson

    This feature is needed. It is interesting that we protect the privacy of the clients but not the privacy of the clinicians. Please move this one along.

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  • Linda Hobart

    This doesn't seem to appear on the HIPAA audit log either.  How can administrative staff control this if not even recorded in an audit log.  Is there somewhere to vote on this? 

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  • Christine Reynolds

    We also are extremely uncomfortable with having our all clinicians in our group practice having access to all calendars. This needs to be addressed and changes asap. 

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  • Lindsey Torres

    Yes, this desperately needs to change. Id rather you all implement this rather than another complicated billing feature. Having access to everyone's calendar creates issues and you might be the only platform that does this. For the price I am paying I would like this to be fixed. 

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  • Shelli Reams

    I am having the same issue! It doesn't make sense this isn't an option in the calendar settings for the group. Admin would always have access to all, but the individual clinicians don't need to see any of the client information for the other clinicians. 

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  • Kim Donaldson

    Simple Practice, can you please respond to these comments?  I don't want to ask the same questions again but still need to know what privacy options clinicians currently have available for their calendars.  Thank you!

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  • Annalise Caron

    Simple Practice, I agree.  Please respond to this thread and let us know if you plan to address this issue. 

    Having clinicians see other clinicians' calendars is an unnecessary breech of privacy, causes problematic comparisons among therapists within practices, impacts group dynamics among colleagues, and and is a real negative to your platform.  It seems to me that this could easily be coded to have a button or something that allows for calendars to be kept private.  We see other local clinicians, doctors, colleagues as patients  -- and all clinicians in the practice doesn't need to know who is being seen.  I know that we can revert to calendars with just initials, but that doesn't solve the problem of unnecessary negative comparisons among therapists.  Please fix this, or we will leave the platform -- which is so great in so many other ways.

    Thank you!

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  • Romi Cumes

    Agreed, at the very least, the practice administrator should be able to toggle on whether various clinicians can view the name/details of other clinicians' calendars, so that they can only see that time is blocked. But the fact that the calendars aren't able to be segregated is a problem that needs immediate updating.

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  • Connor Wills


    Noticing many folks on here requesting to have the ability to limit calendar views for numerous reasons, from privacy to avoiding tension within a clinical team based on perceived favoritism and other dynamics. This mirrors what colleagues I know personally in the field who use SP are requesting as well. In another post, I saw SP created a link for a suggestion board which is no longer working.

    Curious why SP is unwilling to make what seems like a simple toggle option possible given how many of your customers are requesting the exact same thing? Doesn't seem to make sense and it sounds like many of us would appreciate some clarification that this is being taken seriously.

    Thank you,

    Connor (Quantum Psychotherapy Group)


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  • Haley Wise

    I need this change and have a group practice.

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  • Matthew Barefoot

    Posting to once again ask for this feature. Any acknowledgement from SimplePractice that this is a feature on the horizon or that there are no plans to implement this would be helpful.

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  • Lindsey Torres

    Glad to see the comments continue to flow in to keep this thread alive. Another update came out for settings - still no update on whether you will make this simple calendar sharing change. 

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  • Jessica Hundley

    Keeping this thread going. Simple Practice, please address if you plan to add this feature. 

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