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Group Practice's- How to limit the view of calendars of other therapists




  • Thriving Center

    Great question. I wish I knew how to do this. This literally comes up all the time. 

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  • Sara

    Hi Alexander and Doug,

    Currently it is not possible to hide clinicians calendars from other clinicians within a practice. Clinicians can choose to only look at a specific calendar within their account but they can't be permanently removed from having access to specific ones or all.

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  • Justin Garber


    Has this issue been addressed? It would be valuable for those with growing group practices to limit clinician's access to others' calendars. I may consider another system if not. 

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    Also curious if this has been addressed. Thanks!

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  • Monica Thompson

    This feature is needed. It is interesting that we protect the privacy of the clients but not the privacy of the clinicians. Please move this one along.

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  • Linda Hobart

    This doesn't seem to appear on the HIPAA audit log either.  How can administrative staff control this if not even recorded in an audit log.  Is there somewhere to vote on this? 

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  • Christine Reynolds

    We also are extremely uncomfortable with having our all clinicians in our group practice having access to all calendars. This needs to be addressed and changes asap. 

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  • Lindsey Torres

    Yes, this desperately needs to change. Id rather you all implement this rather than another complicated billing feature. Having access to everyone's calendar creates issues and you might be the only platform that does this. For the price I am paying I would like this to be fixed. 

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  • Shelli Reams

    I am having the same issue! It doesn't make sense this isn't an option in the calendar settings for the group. Admin would always have access to all, but the individual clinicians don't need to see any of the client information for the other clinicians. 

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