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Payroll Adjustments




  • Sara

    Hi Danielle,

    I have gone ahead and created a Help Request on your behalf so that someone from our Customer Success team can follow up with you to provide information on this.

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  • James Hill

    I have the same question as the person above.  What was the conclusion to the above person's inquiry?  


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  • Sara

    Hi James,

    Here is the response to Danielle's question:

    For adjustments, you would add (positive) or subtract (CR) them from the closed pay period numbers they appear on. Adjustments only appear once a date range is closed to create a pay period. The numbers on the closed pay period are locked and adjustment amounts will not change.

    Having adjustments is not bad, they just require more manual work and are less clear on the Income allocation report. I would recommend not backdating insurance payments. Not backdating insurance payment allows the payment to be tracked in the Insurance Payments rows of the Income allocation report for a closed pay period and you will not have to do any manual calculations. 

    Not backdating insurance payments will also make sure the insurance payment appears when you export the Download report for a closed pay period. When you backdate insurance payments they appear as adjustments and adjustments are not displayed on an exported Download report.

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  • Laurie Sowers

    Does this suggest that we enter insurance payments with an adjusted date that is within the payroll period for it to record in the income allocation report?

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