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  • Sara

    Hi Jennifer,

    A single email can be attached to multiple client's profiles if you follow the workflow of adding the parent as a contact to each client. The email address will live in the contact's profile, and then that profile can be attached to as many clients as needed.

    If you want to add a new minor client with a parent contact, please refer to this guide: Enhanced Client Management for Minors. If you’re looking to add a parent contact to an existing minor client’s file, you can see this section of the same guide: Adding a contact to an existing minor client.

    Creating a contact profile is the best way to give one person access to multiple Client Portal accounts using the same email address. However, if you do have a need to set up multiple client profiles using the same email address, there’s an alternative workflow you can try. You can learn more about this here: Adding team members or clients using the same email address.

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