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Do I enter myself as an Individual or Organization under Billing Provider info?




  • Wendy Belding

    “If you are an individual who is a health care provider and who is incorporated, you may need to obtain an NPI for yourself (Type 1) and an NPI for your corporation or LLC (Type 2).”

    We use the Individual Name and NPI Type-1 for boxes in 24-J (Rendering Provider) and the Corp Name and NPI Type-2 for boxes 32 and 33.

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  • Rachel Dushenko

    Thanks for your reply. I do have an LLC but I am not incorporated. I was told by carefirst I should only use NPI Type 1. So it sounds like that means I should just select “individual “ . Is that correct ?

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  • Wendy Belding

    I don’t see how that could work. The type-1 NPI won’t match an EIN/Business Name. And, if you bill as an individual using your SSA #/Personal Name, then what’s the point of having an LLC? Is your liability even limited now? And, the earnings would go on a 1099 to your SSA, not to your EIN. But I’m NOT a tax or legal expert: you will likely need to consult with one or both.

    We started an “S Corp.”

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  • Cody Heath

    Rachel, I was lead to believe the same, that we do not need a type 2 NPI.  If you change the information linked to the NPI through the website then the information for EIN, business name, address, etc would match. 

    As for you original question: I came here searching for the same answer. 

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