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Help with calendaring for personal/clinical



  • Brandy Rogers

    Hello Toby! I was able to put my Simple Practice Calendar on my phone. Appointments that show on my phone from Simple Practice are only client initials which is nice. Then when I schedule a personal appointment (I use my phone for all things calendar related) and I input the appointment twice (sometimes) - once on my personal gmail calendar and once on my Simple Practice calendar through my phone app. This works well for me. I do have to double check sometimes to make sure that everything on my personal calendar is also input to block time on my SP calendar every so often.   

    If you look in the Simple Practice settings under calendar you will see the setting options. I am set up for 2-way syncing and the Google account that I use that is synced is my business account with a BAA. Hope that helps!



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  • Toby Carver

    Brandy - Thanks for providing your workflow. That's how I do it now and it is a tad annoying and I don't really see any other way of doing it. I was curious what others might be doing to deal with the processes of scheduling personal/business calendars.

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  • Anita Baruah

    I have the 2-way syncing going too. I enter personal meetings via my Google Workspace calendar but switch the calendar name from me to the SimplePractice calendar. That way it shows up on my SP calendar as well as my Gcalendar without entering it twice.


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