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Two minors same parent




  • Sara

    Hi Tanya,

    Instead of creating a new parent contact for the second client, you can add the same parent contact by using the search bar. When you go to add a contact for the second client, go to the client's Overview page > Contacts box > Add Now > search the parent contact name and then select the same profile that was used for the other client. This will prevent duplicates and allow the parent to use the same email for both clients.

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  • Lisette Perez, MS LMHC

    I have the same issue, I was able to add the parent but SP will not grant access because the email is the same as the sibling.  How can I bypass this or is there a way to share the parent without having to ask her to enter her information again?  Such as with the credit card information. 

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  • Sara

    Hi Lisette,

    If you would like to use the same email address for a contact and client then I recommend following these steps suggested in this Help Center guide: Adding team members or clients using the same email address.

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