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Accidentally ran a credit card when client provided a check



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  • Sara

    Hi Florence,

    If you need to refund a client:

    • Go to Billing > Card Transactions
    • Next, find the transaction you’d like to refund
    • Click the Refund button to the right of the charge amount:
    • On the next screen that appears, you can enter the specific amount you'd like to refund your client
    • Click the Refund button in the upper right to finalize the transaction

    Refunds will take 5-10 days to appear on a client's statement. If you issue a full refund with SimplePractice, the entire amount is refunded to your client. There is no additional fee associated with processing refunds. However, you're responsible for the processing fee that was incurred as part of the original transaction. The processing fee is 2.95% + $.30 for each successful transaction.

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