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  • Sara

    Hi Dr. Knox,

    While we are thoughtfully exploring formal support for larger group sessions, if you do need to hold a group Telehealth appointment for more than 2 clients in the meantime, we have an alternative workflow you can try:

    • Create a new client in the system. Name the client something that will help you identify which particular group this is, such as “Group X” (the “X” can be an identifying word). We do not recommend identifying this group using a single person’s PHI.

    • Create a Telehealth appointment with “Group X” selected as the client.

    • Share the unique link from this group Telehealth appointment to each client in the group manually.

      • Larger group Telehealth sessions are currently limited to 16 total participants (15 participants + the clinician hosting the Telehealth appointment).

    • Explain to the clients in the group that they must be careful not to share the link with others.

      • If you also see a member of the group individually as a client, be sure to explain to that client that they’ll need to use the link attached to their individual appointments for their one-on-one sessions.

    • For every future appointment you have with this particular group, you’ll have to manually share the unique link to each individual before the appointment.

    • You’ll need to repeat these steps each time you create a new group.

    Please also note that SimplePractice does not officially endorse this alternative workflow, and our team is unable to help troubleshoot issues for any group Telehealth appointments at this time. Additionally, we assume no liability or responsibility for managing these group links should you choose to create them.

    While I don’t yet have an ETA for you on when we’ll be releasing official support for group Telehealth appointments, we are actively working on it and we know it’s important. We’ll definitely keep you and the rest of our SimplePractice community updated on the status of this new feature as we continue to make progress.

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  • Michele Werts

    While this solution seems ideal, it doesn't allow for all of those clients to be billed through insurance for group therapy as you cannot book into the same time slot for multiple clients.  What is the work around for this and when will we have the capability to conduct group therapy that can be billed to insurance?  I am transferring from Theranest to Simple Practice and they already have this built into their scheduling platform.  Please advise.

    Thank you

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