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Adding a per graduate intern




  • Sara

    Hi Stacy,

    Clinicians can be added to your account without a license number or NPI. The license number section appears to be a requirement when adding a clinician but it can actually be skipped over so that you can add them. Additionally you will want to add yourself as a supervisor for the clinician. Here is a helpful Help Center guide on adding clinicians: Adding and managing team members.

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  • Elisa Lyons

    Is there a workaround to avoid adding them as a clinician and paying $60 for them? My student intern is with me for a short period of time, and I really want to avoid any expenses. 

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  • Carroll Martin, LCSW, LCSW-C

    Hi there! I'm adding a graduate intern and it is requiring a expiration date for license (although I put N/A). 

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  • Gary Katz

    I've had the same experience here as well that it requires a license number to be entered for an intern which isn't possible since they are interns and don't have licenses yet. 

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  • Shannon Glardon

    I was wondering if Elisa's question about a workaround to avoid adding them as a clinician and paying the 60 dollars was possible, as they are students.

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