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FORMS & TEMPLATES - Please Add Option to Upload Pre-Customized Practice Consent/Intake/Questionnaire Forms



  • stacy covington

    Yes agreee!   Need assessments that are not listed

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  • Nancy C. Knott

    I agree! I have spent thousands of dollars on my website, advertising, etc. To send these boilerplate input forms to clients without even having the ability to center my address, add bold print is positively archaic. If SP does not up their game soon, I am going to have to find another software company, which is sad since I love everything else about simple practice.

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  • Eva Serber

    I agree! I am new to Simple Practice and am appreciating the built in options. However I have my own forms that I have spend hours creating and perfecting. It is frustrating that I either have to re-create or send outside of the secure portal (which was another appeal of SP, appeal for security). 

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  • Sue Konkel-White

    I am wondering the same thing, how to upload customized forms to documents.

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  • Barbara L. Townsend

    I agree! I need to upload some session preparation instructions and don't want to recreate this again.

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  • Dayle Lattie

    This is surprising that I cannot upload my own customized forms to documents?

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  • Menaj Shamsaee

    Please add an option to create my own fillable forms for intake.


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