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verification of benefits and eligibility software needed



  • Hallie Fleischman

    There is a software platform called eClaimStatus. You can do a bulk upload file and get back insurance eligibility information or you can enter a a single check. The problem is for us is that we want a platform that will check eligibility of clients that are scheduled 48 hours prior. So we would have to create the upload file which takes too much time and work to do. SimplePractice should be able to integrate with a service like this. I would pay more for this service because this is a huge painpoint. I may event go to a different EHR just for this capability.

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  • Bernadette P. Smith


    Do you find that the information is accurate? SP eligibility verification is far from accurate. I need to know what the client's payment responsibility is without having to call. I also find Avility doesn't always seem cut and dry. Some show copayment others don't

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