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How can I notify clients of past due *statements*?




  • Sara

    Hi Jonathan,

    Since a statement is not a bill, there is no feature to remind a client that a statement is past due since it cannot be past due. A statement is used as a receipt in SimplePractice to show what has been paid by the client and how. If you would like to remind a client that their appointment(s) is unpaid, I recommend notifying the client either via Secure Message or sending them an invoice that says unpaid. Additionally, if you would like to resend a client their statement, you can open the statement and click the mail icon in the upper right hand corner.

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  • Shandra Beaty


    I know you maybe busy with patients and treatment but as a billing service, I usually call each patient monthly when balances are owed. It’s an extra step but effective. I will also send statements or invoices by mail with a late notice to remind them to pay or collect payment over the phone.

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