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New telehealth place of service codes for 2022




  • Sara

    Hi Julie,

    We are currently working on having this new insurance location of service added to SimplePractice and can confirm that it will be available by Jan 1, 2022.

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  • Sarah Gracz

    Hello, I see that the change has been made as far as adding the additional options where you can "edit" your selection for telehealth and what they stand for. Will there be the option to add location to telehealth (as is the case with Office space) to have both codes available-02 and 10? I imagine we will need to access both.

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  • Angela Waldrop

    I was wondering the same thing. My clients are sometimes at home and sometimes at other locations (e.g., at work) during sessions.

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  • Sara

    Hi everyone,

    Since this new Place of Service code won’t go into effect until the start of next year, we plan to address this change closer to that time. I recommend using the Place of Service code 02 until then. To update the Insurance Place of Service code:

    • Navigate to Settings > My Practice > Locations

    • Click Edit next to an existing location or Add a Location

    • Use the dropdown menu to update the Insurance Place of Service

    You can find more information on this process here Editing the Insurance Place of Service.

    If file claims, we are releasing a new claim form to accommodate the new insurance place of service. If you would like this enabled early, you can submit a Help Request so that our Customer Success team can handle this. Click on the ? icon in your account > Ask Questions > No > Contact Support > Send an Email Request.

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