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Lost treatment plan when I added a diagnosis



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  • Sara

    Hi Anna,

    Currently it is not possible to recover a lost treatment plan as it is automatically permanently deleted.

    If you create an Advanced or Wiley treatment plan, changing/adding the diagnosis after the fact will remove the treatment plan. Diagnosis changes affect the Advanced and Wiley treatment plans because these treatment plans are built to be more complex and tailored specifically to the client's diagnosis.

    That said, if you create a Basic treatment plan, you'll able to edit the associated diagnosis without affecting the treatment plan. If you'd like to continue using Advanced or Wiley treatment plans, you'll want to follow one of the two options you outlined, either creating a new Diagnosis & Treatment Plan with an updated/added diagnosis or copy and pasting the existing treatment plan. Alternately, you can create initial treatment plans using the Basic template. This way, you'll be able to make changes to the diagnosis at a later date without it affecting the treatment plan. 

    That said, we appreciate feedback and suggestions for advancing the platform, and I'd encourage you to comment or vote on this related post on our Ideas and Suggestions board: Separate diagnosis from treatment plans.

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