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Sending multiple release of information (ROI) forms




  • Sara

    Hi Susan,

    When you send a client a form and they complete the form, you can then send it to them again to complete an additional time. If you would like to send multiple copies of the same form at one time, this will require you to duplicate the form so that the client completes all copies at the same time.

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  • Cheryl Dwyer

    Hi, ...My client has already filled out a few releases for different people, but she needs to do two more. Previously I just made copies of the forms but I can't remember how I did it. And, from reading this post it looks like there is another way to do it. but how do I resend her the same consent she already completed for one person, to have her sign it for someone else, without losing the original release? Cheryl

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  • Sara

    Hi Cheryl,

    You can resend a form at any time if it has been completed by a client. If you do this, the original copy will still remain in the client's file and the newly sent one will be added as well. If you would like to duplicate a form to have multiple copies/versions of it, you can go to Settings > Notes and Forms > click the square icon to the right of the form next to the delete icon. This will automatically duplicate the form.

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