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New 2022 Place of Service



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  • Sara

    Hi Heidi,

    For the claim form, the ability to manually edit the claim to change the Place of Service will be available to all our customers soon. We're rolling this feature out incrementally, so your claim form may not be updated yet. To clarify, you'll need to have this feature released in your account to manually select the 10 Place of Service indicator from the claim. Once enabled, you can either create a new location with the 10 Place of Service and retroactively change your Telehealth appointments location when you're about to create claims, or manually change it from the editable prepared claim.
    If you'd like us to manually update your claims form now, please reach out to us by submitting an email help request. Click on the ? icon in your account > Ask Questions > No > Contact Support > Send an Email Request.
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