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Calendar sync only with the $99 plan?




  • Annita Regehr

    I recently lost the sync to my calendar, did not change anything, and within a few days it was re-established… No idea what was happening, but it syncs now no problem. I am only using iOS devices (iPad, IPhone) for the past two years without problem before recent experience.

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  • Annita Regehr

    I do not have the $99 plan,  just plan with telehealth.  Problem with telehealth is inability to split screen in order to complete assessment with the client on video on second screen. 



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  • Camilla Busnovetsky

    So frustrating. Which software to use now?

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  • Stephanie Sandberg

    Oh my! I didn't see that the basic calendar sync was even up for withholding from some less-paying tiers!

    So my Google Calendar won't sync anymore? Why would this be something only reserved for the highest tier? It seems like using a calendar would be super basic item/element - a necessary item for even the lowest levels of any program.

    I'm confused. I'm hoping I am simply interpreting it incorrectly and my Google Calendar integration is safe. If not, oh Lord. I'll have to start looking for a more reasonable replacement.

    I'm just a small practice, but one that HAS to have calendar integration. My other businesses all are integrated onto Google Calendar. Suddenly not having my simple practice visits on my calendar unless I pay double the price makes me so sad. I love the program and its capabilities, but I can't afford double the price just to use a calendar.

    Hopefully, someone from simple will come along and correct me and tell me the calendar isn't being withheld. I know the economy is trashed and I know inflation is out of control, but going from $60 to $100 isn't something this small practice can stomach. Maybe simple has become something not for smaller practices.

    I remember several years ago when eBay attempted to price smaller sellers out of the market. The ones, like me, who had been around since pre-2000 hung on hoping that eBay would come to their senses. Instead, they made it even harder for smaller sellers by withholding discounts and policies for disputes we had all enjoyed. Now just the bigger players had access to them. I see the same thing occurring here...slowly forgetting their niche chasing a bottom line. I'm so sad. I loved simple practice. 😥

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  • Christopher D. Holowaty

    I've really enjoyed using SP in my first year of practice, but I am definitely not understanding the logic here as well. No calendar sync unless I pay over $100? Time to research other programs as this is not aligning with my needs at all. I'm wondering how many clients expressed a need to have higher costs to simply sync their calendars...


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  • Michele Dickey

    I have been using the 2 way sync with Simple Practice through my google calendar. I was looking at my settings and noticed that there is a 1 way sync option and 2 way sync option. Will the 1 way sync be available with $69 plan or only the highest tier?

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  • Trish Monahan, LPC, BC-TMH

    The biggest feature I use is the sync calendar! That is outrageous for me to pay $40 more a month just for that feature when I don't use signatures and forms provided. This is a deal breaker for me. I will be looking for other platforms as $99 a month is too much for a "sync" feature when most of the other features in the $69 plan are not used like online appt requests, secure messaging, cancel/confirm via text. THOSE are features to add on NOT take away a feature that has been there for the longest! I will be shopping around

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  • Kirsten Sidell

    Agreed. To TAKE AWAY a service that is crucial to my practice is so disappointing. Calendar sync, even if 1-way, should not just be for the highest plan tier. 

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  • Austin Matthews

    I agree... This is really a deal breaker for me. I specifically chose simple practice because of how great the calendar integration options were. This is really unacceptable personally. I will be better served not upgrading, finding a third-party scheduling service, and trying to move EHRs at a later date. 

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  • Alicia Philipp

    I only just started with Simple Practice. Taking away the calendar sync or having us pay $40/mo more is really a bad move. I will rethink my options now as I don't have too much invested in the service. It was great, and I wouldn't have minded a small increase, but that is just ridiculous. Please reconsider. Along with the NSA/ GFE, we therapists have had enough change for now. 

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  • Lori Roberto

    Agree, agree, agree!  SP this is a really important issue. You are trying to force us into the most expensive tier. I shouldn't have to pay $40 per month more to keep calendar sync. This is a basic and essential feature.

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  • Jeremy Moore

    I share in the disappointment and frustration of others related to losing this feature. I cannot understand why SP would take away features from a plan after we've been using it all this time with the only options to pay $360 more. This kind of practice shows a profound disregard for your clients. To habituate a client to particular environment and then take it away with very little notice in the middle of pandemic when most therapists are already struggling to implement new unexpected legislative changes, verify insurance, cope with a pandemic, and care for our own clients is frankly callous. I have recommended this software to others, but will no longer do so as long as this stands. Please reinstate this feature so we can more effectively manage our caseloads and cut down on administration. I thought that was the whole point of having this software.

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  • Lindsey Stewart

    I am truly hoping that SP will consider adding at least one way calendar sync to the lower priced tiers. The $99 tier has way too many features I won't use and that adds up to hundreds of dollars a year just for calendar sync. Calendar sync seems like an incredibly basic feature for notes/scheduling software. Will one way sync be available with the lower tier plans?

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