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  • Laura Haggett

    I took would like to voice my opinion on the price increase and my disappointment.  Basically everyone has to choose the Plus plan because the middle package does not include a biller/staff and for a small solo practice you would be hard pressed not to find that a solo provider is utilizing someone to assist with the admin work.  To force them into the plus plan is ridiculous.  Basically a solo provider is paying $40 to have a 1 admin staff.  Admin staff to me is not equal to the clinical that is $59 each month (clinical add on I understand) but to not include 1 admin staff, really!!!.  Most solo providers could do the Essential and allowing for 1 admin staff on the plan is what you should have allowed.  Adding "free" claims to justify the increase is sort of lame.  Telehealth should always be an add on option since not everyone is utilizing. At some point it may not be cost used for providers.for example when the reimbursement rate changes (pays less by some insurance), which it probably will. or when the  the insurance companies require clients to go to their own platform ie BCBS utilizes MD live (which they currently waive)   Did you even consider reaching out to your customers to get feed back on pricing and options. I understand increases but this seems like even though you offer 3 packages only the 3rd is really going to be utilized.  Does anyone really subscribe to the starter plan?

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  • Greg Robillard

    Agreed -- this is the worst sort of bait & switch. The biggest feature I'm going to be losing is appointment reminders. Right now I'm paying $39 monthly. If I want to keep appointment reminders, which is the only feature I need at the next tier, I have to pay an extra $30. It's ridiculous, and other EHRs include appointment reminders as part of the base pricing.

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  • Sara

    Hi Gwynne,

    The ability to use the calendar and schedule clients is available across all three plans. Online Appointment Request and Appointment Reminders are only available in the Essential and Plus plans and the Appointment Request Widget and Calendar Sync are only available in the Plus plan. Here is a helpful Help Center guide to help you decide which plan works best for you:

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