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How do I review a treatment plan appropriately? I do not want to update the treatment plan, rather "review" it and I am unable to figure out how to do this correctly. TIA



  • Kimberly Lechner

    We have been using the treatment review note template in SP for this purpose. However, I would like to see a feature within SP where we can indicate progress directly on a treatment plan with respect to specific objectives. We used to use Theranest, and the Theranest treatment plan allowed clinicians to report whether a client had met or was making progress toward goals/objectives. I'm interested in seeing how others are documenting progress toward goals/objectives on a treatment plan. Thus far, I seem to only be able to add a treatment review note, and then if I want to update the treatment plan itself in anyway- I have to create a new treatment plan or open a signed treatment plan. It would be nice to have a cohesive document that clearly illustrates progress overtime and shows goals that have been met in the past as well as new goals that are currently being addressed in therapy. 

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  • Lena Sheffield

    I have similar question and it's not answered by the premade answers.   I just created a new treatment plan for a long term client because I couldn't change her original to "review" and update the review date. I still have the message that her original treatment plan needs review.   

    Agree it would be great to indicate that a goal(s) have been met and new ones added.   That's the advantage to paper documents. 


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