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SimplePractice is raising prices and will shut off commenting on our posts here as we raise our concerns... :(




  • Suzette Bartlett

    The price increase is dramatic - probably more dramatic than any other service I've ever used.  SimplePractice will now cost me 60% more.  They have gated important features behind very expensive plans - such as the ability to have more than one practitioner.  You would need to spend at least $160 per month just to have two practitioners!

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  • Brooke Jensen

    There are hundreds of posts in my therapy groups about people leaving for other platforms

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  • Eric Letourneau

    I totally agree.   This increase is totally unjustified in my opinion.  They're hoping that we'll accept the new fee structure because it would be a lot of work to restart with another company.  Hopefully, someone at Simplepractice is listening.  

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  • Sara

    Hi Catherine,

    I can see that my colleague Marisa has responded to your most resent response in your Help Request.

    The reason that we are closing comments in these posts is because they have been turning into an echo chamber of the same sentiments around our recent pricing change that we have seen across all SimplePractice social media accounts. Our Community Team who monitors this forum as well as our larger company are fully aware of everyones feedback as we are actively sending these posts to our team to review. If there are any questions about the pricing change, we are here to answer those and facilitate those discussions, but posts where there are repetitive sentiments on the pricing change will have comments closed once the feedback is submitted to our team by us.

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