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Total Visits by Each Clinician



  • Jennifer Katzen

    Yes!  I second this! 

    I would love a break down of number of visits and visit type per clinician. I also pay per visit not by revenue. 

    Thank you!


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  • Jessenia Aguirre

    I would love this. I pay the same way. I think we need to post it in their ideas and suggestions 

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  • Dee Burnell

    We do the same thing.  Right now the counselors invoice me, but I also go through the calendar and write down every appointment just to have a checks and balances system.  It is time consuming. 

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  • Bridget Perrin

    We pay the same way and would like a note count report added to the report options. Bridget

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  • Amy Bland

    Agreed! It would also be hugely helpful and a timesaver to provide reports that track month by month, the total number of sessions completed that month. In this way you could track by clinician as well as tracking by month to month to see patterns and trends.

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  • TK Nelson


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  • Christina Peterson

    Has Simple Practice done anything about this yet?

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