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Why does the Good Faith Estimate under assessments not autofill?




  • Sara

    Hi John,

    Here is our recommendation for how to use the GFE template:

    To use the SimplePractice GFE Assessment:
    1. Go to your Settings > Notes & Forms > Template Library > under Assessments > +Add > Good Faith Estimate for Health Care Items and Services. In Settings > Notes & Forms > under Assessments > click on Good Faith Estimate for Health Care Items and Services to edit the template.
    2. Go to your client’s file > New > Assessment > select Good Faith Estimate for Health Care Items and Services from the dropdown list > fill out the Assessment > Save > Lock & Sign.
    3. To share the GFE with a client > click on it from the client’s Overview page > click on the downward arrow to the top right to Download. Navigate back to the client’s Overview page > click Upload to the top right > upload the downloaded GFE from your computer.
    4. Click Share from the client’s Overview page > check the box for the GFE under Uploaded Files > follow the prompts to send it to your client through the Client Portal.
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  • Maris Pasquale Doran

    Hi Sara, I will go through the steps above, but my question remains which is the same as the original poster. Does this mean we have to fill out each item for each client? Why will it not auto generate practice information and client information and date etc.? I added my voice to another forum where this had been asked and received an email response two days ago as if it had been addressed, though it seems it remains the same. The clinician is responsible to manually complete each section of this form for each client? Could this be correct or am I missing something? One of the highlights of using Simple Practice is the ease with which my practice and client information is auto-generated, making paperwork less consuming. Thank you for further clarifying! Maris

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  • Miriam Chor Freitas

    I have the same question. It would makes our lives a lot easier!

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  • Alison Schlatter

    I have the same question. 

    I understand that we can add our provider information after adding the GFE to our notes and forms (Settings > Notes & Forms > Template Library > under Assessments > +Add > Good Faith Estimate for Health Care Items and Services. In Settings > Notes & Forms > under Assessments > click on Good Faith Estimate for Health Care Items and Services to edit the template)  and the GFE will have our provider information in it each time we use it.  


    When we create the client's individual GFE  (New > Assessment > select Good Faith Estimate for Health Care Items and Services from the dropdown list,  it would be incredibly helpful if the GFE would autofill the client's identifying information name, DOB, address and diagnosis (just like the superbill does) and then either the user would be prompted to provide the estimate information or would be able to edit the document once it was created to add the estimate information and then > Save > Lock & Sign 

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  • Jenny Evans

    This question is marked as answered but it has not been answered.

    Agree with everyone else. It would be super easy to have that info auto-populate and it's a waste of time for us to have to fill that out every single time.

    Can someone respond with a time frame on when that will be addressed?

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  • Sara

    Hi everyone,

    Within SimplePractice, all templates are available to provide a generic and compliant template with placeholder language specific to the practice. However, it remains the provider’s responsibility to ensure the information is manually customized for the practice prior to sharing with clients. With this in mind, the Provider Information won't be auto-filled into the Good Faith Estimate template. 
    Alternatively, if you're referring to the auto-filling of the estimate information itself, since this information is required to be specific to each client their respective estimate, the information won't auto-fill. 
    All that said, our team is continuing to customer feedback with respect to the No Surprises Act, and I have included two relevant Ideas and Suggestions Boards posts below for your review. Commenting and/or voting on the corresponding post(s) on our Ideas and Suggestions board is the best way to keep up-to-date with any updates our Product Team provides:

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