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POS 10 linked to scheduling & auto claim data population



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  • Sara

    Hi Lori,

    I see that you were able to create a Help Request for this and I will go ahead an add the answer to this below:

    Since there are two Place of Service codes for Telehealth appointments, we recommend setting the more commonly used of the two codes as your default for your Video Office location going forward. To do this, navigate to Settings > My Practice > Locations. Click Edit next to the Video Office.
    Here, you can assign the place of service code that you’ll be using for the majority of your claims from the Insurance Place of Service drop down. While you’re able to manually add an additional Telehealth location, only one will send unique Telehealth links to your clients. If you plan on alternating between the two insurance place of service codes, you have a few options.
    The first option is to create a second Telehealth office location for the place of service code you’ll be using less often. To do this, follow the instructions in: What if I’ll be alternating between Insurance Place of Service codes 02 and 10?
    Only the default Video Office location will generate a Telehealth link, so you’ll want to continue using that location when scheduling appointments. Once the appointment has passed, you can then update its location before creating any billing documents. You can do this directly from the calendar fly-out. This will allow you to conduct Telehealth appointments as usual, but they’ll populate with the alternate place of service code when you create billing documents.
    The other option is to continue to use the default Video Office and manually change the code on claims.

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