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Sharing the Good Faith Estimate with Clients



  • Sarah Kincaid

    Yes, Samantha! I am having the same issue. I am thinking perhaps it would be more efficient to place the GFE under the Intake section so it can be automatically viewed with the rest of the intake forms rather than under assessments. 

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  • Samantha Munson

    An intake form would allow the client to fill in information (such as with an emergency procedure plan). I am hoping to find a way that I can complete the GFE, sign and lock, and share without having to download it to my computer or leaving a space for the client to sign (which is not necessary for the GFE, to the best of my understanding). Any recommendations from the Simple Practice team? Thank you!

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  • Shannon M. Morrissey

    yes it should be part of intake!! 

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  • Lena Sheffield

    I'm missing something generic with this GFE "template".  I've seen it asked before but have not seen an answer.  The "template", thank you for creating a sample for us, has to be filled out by us.  I can copy one and save it specifically for each client but then I fill in all the blanks? You have it set up with pull down menus which we cannot access.  What am I missing?   Maybe using the SP template is not the way to go but to create my own document that I have to customize for each self-pay client?  What are others doing? 

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