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Getting a GFE Signed



  • Alexi Gross

    I have the same question about how to share with client to get it signed. Commenting to bring attention back to this questions.




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  • Lena Sheffield

    1. Can you clarify about the HIPAA breach by "auto populating"?

    2. I don't like the template either so I was going to create and populate the information in a form I create and then send it to the client for signature?

    3. How do we get a signature? 

    Please don't close this discussion, all the others about GFE are closed. 

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  • Randi Needham

    Same question.  I have my own pdf form.  I would like to be able send through the intakes and have the patient electronically sign it.  So far they can only read it, print it, sign it, and scan it back to us.  This is more steps than they will want to do.  Can we please get a response on how to di this easily? 

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