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changing the fees for a no show



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  • Sara

    Hi Sarah,

    By default our system fully charges clients for any late cancellations. However, you can adjust the fee within the client's Billing page.

    To edit the appointment fee, go to the client's Billing page, find the appointment in question, click Edit next to the current fee amount, then adjust the amount in the Fee field, and click Save.

    If you would like to create a standard service with an associated fee for all late cancellations, go to Settings > Billing and Services > Services and select the Add New Service button. Here you can create your own "service" that you will be able to add into the calendar for a client after they have cancelled. This will charge them only the amount that you enter within the service. You'll want to make sure you uncheck the Available for Online Booking box, so clients will not be able to see this service while booking online.

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