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Good Faith Estimate




  • Jenny Evans

    Also, we shouldn't have to type in the patient's name, DOB, etc. The system has all that.

    My SimplePractice subscription has increased by 67% since 2020... the least they could do it make forms that work : (

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  • Rachel Shockley

    I came here to see if Simple Practice had done anything to help mental health practitioners. I guess they don't feel like it. I'm going to make my forms in my HIPPA Google Workspace suite, and maybe move my EHR to google too. I cant justify using Simple Practice if it costs more and more and does less and less. I already have 4 other business software subscriptions to supplement things Simple Practice doesn't feel like doing. 

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  • Sara

    Hi everyone,

    Within SimplePractice, all templates are available to provide a generic and compliant template with placeholder language specific to the practice. However, it remains the provider’s responsibility to ensure the information is manually customized for the practice prior to sharing with clients. With this in mind, the Provider Information won't be auto-filled into the Good Faith Estimate template. 
    Alternatively, if you're referring to the auto-filling of the estimate information itself, since this information is required to be specific to each client their respective estimate, the information won't auto-fill. 
    All that said, our team is continuing to customer feedback with respect to the No Surprises Act, and I have included two relevant Ideas and Suggestions Boards posts below for your review. Commenting and/or voting on the corresponding post(s) on our Ideas and Suggestions board is the best way to keep up-to-date with any updates our Product Team provides:

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