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Removing Calendar Sync from Essential Subscription is NOT COOL




  • Melissa Duca

    I agree!  People were saying switch to Therapy Notes because it works great and it is so much cheaper but I didn't want the hassle for onlu $10 more.  I was paying $59 a month with an additional $10 for zoom and but now I have to jump to the $99 plan to get the calendar sync with zoom. I was fine paying an extra $10 because I get that prices go up but to have to pay $30 for calendar sync sucks!  I'm now looking to switch!

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  • Dr. Amy Clayton

    I agree and am equally insulted and planning on switching.  I pay $59 a month and to keep the same features, I would not just be bumped up to the $69 a month but put into a whole new bracket with features I don't even need.  JUST FOR CALENDAR SYNCING.  


    Not taking care of your customers Simple Practice..

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  • Wendela W. Marsh

    I agree. This is not the way to keep customers, SP.

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  • Julie Rosen

    I just spent way too long on the phone w customer service (who was very nice and helpful) to confirm that the plan I've had (Professional w Telehealth for $69) is nearly the same plan as the new PLUS plan for $30 more a month. The greatest frustration is losing the 2 way calendar sync. I don't need the Wylie plans and the other features (program mgr, biller etc) -- and having 35 claims included will save be about $2 a month. I just can't justify paying $30 more a month for this single calendar feature.

    I'm already researching alternatives because the HUGE price hike which allows us to keep nearly same the features we have had at the PROF/TELE level is really unconscionable. Add the program mgr, biller etc and charge more -- but don't hike the price so I can remain with the same options I've had, AND then ALSO take away features if we need to remain at the same fee...

    I've been very happy w SP all along but this change really has me reconsidering the use of the platform.

    This is very disappointing and it sounds like many existing customers are looking elsewhere because this 1) costs way too much and 2) feels really unfair.

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  • Maryam Sajed

    I am good with the basic plan but I am not willing to pay an extra 70 for calendar syncing

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  • Cameron Murphey

    I'm in full agreement. Please include this feature, Simple Practice.

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  • Jules Perkél

    Couldn't agree more with what people are saying here.  It is absolutely absurd to not have that feature in a basic plan.  I can't justify paying $99 for only that feature since similar to the original post, I don't use most of the bells and whistles that would be on the premium plan.  SP, I am strongly considering taking my practice to another platform, but hope you hear the community plea here and make some changes. 

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  • Karen Kreitz

    Agreed that this is an essential function for all plans.  I have been an SP user for a few years and love the program.  I constantly look at my synced calendar to navigate all of my personal and professional responsibilities.  As a solo practitioner who utilizes the $69 plan, I can not justify nor understand the reason why this is not a basic function in 2022.  Why would I have to buy the group practice plan for this?

    I also find it a bit concerning that other community posts do not have responses from the support team but the comments sections have been locked out. 

    Not good SP, not good.

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  • Kit Bess

    I agree! As a female practitioner, I depend on calendar sync for my safety - so my partner always knows where I am. This really looks bad for you, Simple Practice. 

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  • Sara

    Changing our subscription plans wasn't a decision we took lightly. We made the thoughtful choice to give our customers more flexibility to choose plans and features they need at every part of a practitioner’s journey, and to better reflect the value created by all the innovative features we've developed.

    In 2021 alone, we:

    • Enhanced your Telehealth experience - You can now chat with your clients during virtual appointments. We also added blurred and virtual backgrounds for a better Telehealth experience.
    • Improved your billing experience - You can now add client payments from the mobile app, and view a client’s insurance and billing details all in one place.
    • Streamlined your client documentation - In addition to adding 23 new templates to the Template Library, we also added a new feature that lets clients sign shared documentation.
    • Simplified your insurance billing - The Add Insurance Payments flow was enhanced to help you save time and reduce the number of potential claim errors.
    • Integrated your marketing solutions - In addition to the Professional Website builder, we created Monarch—a fully integrated therapist directory where you can list your practice. 

    We will also continue to uphold our commitment to providing world class customer support. Our US-based Customer Success team makes up more than 50% of our company, and we’re proud to share that we have employees who bring firsthand experience from across the health and wellness industry. To make support even more readily available, we’ve also introduced phone support and extended our chat hours.

    Thank you for your feedback.

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