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Simple Practice Horrible Price Increase




  • Kevin B. Meehan

    Agreed! Calendar sync is a basic function - asking dedicated customers to pay $99 for it is truly disgusting.

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  • Julie A. Rosen

    The more I think about it, the more disappointed and insulted I am. I recommended SP to so many clinicians, especially ones who were just starting out -- and now the price hike is going to be an additional burden on their young practices. I wonder if all of our concerns and frustrations are being heard -- only the standard, scripted responses are given via email, by chat and by phone. Your poor CS folks are really getting an earful. They've been nothing but polite and professional but it's a tough spot for them to be in too. SP, do better. You have until March 4th (my new contract date) to provide some information that you have heard your loyal customers or I'll be moving to TherapyNotes, Kareo, BestNotes, ICANotes -- doing my research now. I know others are doing their research as well. 

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  • Donna Allen

    As a loyal SP customer for the past eight years, I must voice my own incredible disappointment in them for this shabby treatment.  I accepted their price increases to the annual fee over the first few years and absorbed the added expense when they transitioned to the monthly subscription fee, but I will not continue to do business with them in light of this most recent assault.  

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  • Cala High

    I agree.  To pay $30 more a month for something simple, and essential as a calendar sync....not fair at all.  I will be switching.  

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  • Carlie Sherman

    We all work too hard for BS like this. We will just have show them the power of capitalism as well and go with a competitor.

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  • Mariel Barcebal

    Agreed. Very upsetting and 99 per month would be a struggle. Anyone have suggestions for alternative platforms? I hope SP does the right thing and keep calendar sync with it’s mid tier plan. I almost missed appointments because I didn’t realize calendar sync was disabled with this abrupt change. 

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  • Liz Langrick

    Hi everyone!   Like you I am VERY UPSET and this is pricing us out of our practice.  There is a online petition against this less than a month notice on a 60% price increase.  

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  • Claire Killmer

    SimplePractice started spending money on developing functions that therapists don't want or need. Now they have to increase their prices so we can subsidize their bad choices.


    I'm happy to pay a fair and reasonable price for practice mgmt. sofrware. SimplePractice no longer fits that bill. 


    Please SP, get your business model back on track so you can start charging a fair and reasonable price for services clinicians actually want and need. Small business oweners can only be pushed so far before we are forced to make changes. 

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  • Jennie Marie Battistin - Norgaard

    $10 increase to account for inflation would be more acceptable and also maybe $5 if you want the treatment planner; so frustrating that if you have a group practice only option is Plus or if you have a biller you have to select Plus; I have 21 clinicians so this has become so expensive; I can switch to software that has unlimited clinicians and it maxes out at $800 month, I can't justify over $1200 to stay with these features

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  • Sara

    Changing our subscription plans wasn't a decision we took lightly. We made the thoughtful choice to give our customers more flexibility to choose plans and features they need at every part of a practitioner’s journey, and to better reflect the value created by all the innovative features we've developed.

    In 2021 alone, we:

    • Enhanced your Telehealth experience - You can now chat with your clients during virtual appointments. We also added blurred and virtual backgrounds for a better Telehealth experience.
    • Improved your billing experience - You can now add client payments from the mobile app, and view a client’s insurance and billing details all in one place.
    • Streamlined your client documentation - In addition to adding 23 new templates to the Template Library, we also added a new feature that lets clients sign shared documentation.
    • Simplified your insurance billing - The Add Insurance Payments flow was enhanced to help you save time and reduce the number of potential claim errors.
    • Integrated your marketing solutions - In addition to the Professional Website builder, we created Monarch—a fully integrated therapist directory where you can list your practice. 

    We will also continue to uphold our commitment to providing world class customer support. Our US-based Customer Success team makes up more than 50% of our company, and we’re proud to share that we have employees who bring firsthand experience from across the health and wellness industry. To make support even more readily available, we’ve also introduced phone support and extended our chat hours.

    Thank you for your feedback.

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