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1 parent - 2 minors won't let me add the same parents email to each minors account




  • Quinten Harvey

    I am facing the same issue and would greatly appreciate some insight.  

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  • Jamy Hunter

    They told me that you had to put a +1 in front of the @ sign in the email address (ie. to be able to add it as an additional email (and add a +2, +3, etc depending on how many kids there are).  BUT, they HAVE to log in with this exact email address or it'll take them to the first kids' account and not the correct kid (the 2nd kid).  Also, another huge problem with this is that they don't get the reminder emails for the other kids because this isn't their actual email address.  You'd think that Simple Practice would've come up with a better solution to this.  

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  • Jennie Marie Battistin

    yes huge issue - I have a group practice of 21 clinicians and we have often several minors in practice seeing different clinicians and parents can not get into the accounts - such a headache 

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  • Wellness &. Courage

    We have to raise the concern to them and "vote" to change this as well or they won't know that it needs to be changed.


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  • Sara

    Hi Natalie,

    You can add the same contact to both minor profiles. It sounds like you may be creating the mom's profile again for the second minor which you don't need to do. Instead, when you are adding a contact to the second profile, use the search bar to search the mom's name and then select their profile used for the first client. If you do this then you will not a receive that error message. If you continue to experience issues, you can create a Help Request to have our team look into this.

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