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Not happy that calendar sync disappeared!!!




  • Devora Weinapple

    I agree completely with Donya, and couldn't have said it better myself.  This was obviously a huge mistake, judging by the many users who are outraged by your new pricing design. My colleagues who use and love SP are now scrambling to find other platforms.  I don't know that I want that headache of switching, but I hope that you will take Donya's and other's suggestions to at least add back calendar sync to the middle platform for $69.  I have NO OTHER REASON to get the pro plan than that. Also, does "live customer service" mean you're adding phone support?  It reminds me of cable tv packages you have to buy just for a few favorite stations. It's a poor model.  Come on Howard, PLEASE RETHINK THIS THING. 

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  • Kevin B. Meehan

    I agree - I am not paying $30 more to get what is a VERY BASIC feature - this is absurd.

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  • Mary Martineau

    I agree! I will be leaving if Calendar Sync is not restored to $69 middle platform. I am in several Therapists groups, everyone is angry and discussing other platforms. 

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  • Aviva M. Katz

    I strongly agree and am frustrated by this change! I don't need any of the other features in the $99 plan, but calendar sync is a crucial feature. So much so that I'm considering another platform. I'd love to stay with Simple Practice, because I've generally been very happy, but this feels sneaky like a sneaky way to get users to consider the expensive plan (even though SP is more likely to lose users because of this). Calendar sync supports an organized, streamlined practice with minimal scheduling errors; it also supports work-life balance, a major factor for me in choosing my practice software. Please reconsider this terrible choice!!

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  • Donya Duggleby

    I also lodged a complaint about this issue re: deletion of the calendar sync with SP directly. Anytime I’ve asked a question, SP has been really good at getting back with me. Interesting that no one from SP has responded yet about this. Perhaps everyone should lodge a complaint with SP in addition to  commenting here.

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  • Sara

    Changing our subscription plans wasn't a decision we took lightly. We made the thoughtful choice to give our customers more flexibility to choose plans and features they need at every part of a practitioner’s journey, and to better reflect the value created by all the innovative features we've developed.

    In 2021 alone, we:

    • Enhanced your Telehealth experience - You can now chat with your clients during virtual appointments. We also added blurred and virtual backgrounds for a better Telehealth experience.
    • Improved your billing experience - You can now add client payments from the mobile app, and view a client’s insurance and billing details all in one place.
    • Streamlined your client documentation - In addition to adding 23 new templates to the Template Library, we also added a new feature that lets clients sign shared documentation.
    • Simplified your insurance billing - The Add Insurance Payments flow was enhanced to help you save time and reduce the number of potential claim errors.
    • Integrated your marketing solutions - In addition to the Professional Website builder, we created Monarch—a fully integrated therapist directory where you can list your practice. 

    We will also continue to uphold our commitment to providing world class customer support. Our US-based Customer Success team makes up more than 50% of our company, and we’re proud to share that we have employees who bring firsthand experience from across the health and wellness industry. To make support even more readily available, we’ve also introduced phone support and extended our chat hours.

    Thank you for your feedback.

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