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Response to Sara. Please answer: WHY do we have to pay $99 just for 2-way calendar syncing?




  • Juan Pablo Ferrer

    I agree 100%!

    Closing all the threads hoping we go away is really insulting.

    Our concerns are not being addressed by these canned responses. If they are saying that the price increase is connected to features that bring value than they should structure the plans accordingly.

    The poor structure of the plans leads one to believe they want to force their users to pay $100/mo. Doing it this way it's shady and feels pretty rotten. Even for a SaaS company this is rotten.

    It demonstrates a lack of understanding of their customer base. Trust is PARAMOUNT to mental health folks and this feels like a straight up violation. At the very least I will be changing to the lowest tier plan (they'll end up losing money) while I look for other options.

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  • Kevin B. Meehan

    I completely agree with you.  I need BASIC functions, like Calendar Sync.  Making the argument that they are justified in removing basic functions everyone needs because they added complex functions that few need makes absolutely no sense.  Sara's response is not acceptable.

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  • Amanda M. Rowe

    Thank you! I echo your sentiments--it is SO shady and such a sneaky, greedy thing to do. Like many others here, I could have been okay with a $10 price hike but my plan otherwise stays the same. This is not the case.

    I don't think I have to add too many details here since we're all preaching to the choir at this point, but it just feels like SP execs, et al. sat around and said: "What 'features' can we add to justify a giant price hike?" 

    Then added a bunch of "oh look--shiny!"-esque features that nobody really wants or needs, just so they have something to point to and say, "Look at these features we added though, this is why SP is still an excellent value!"

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  • Dr. Amy Clayton


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  • Alison Johnston

    Yes!  I agree!  Thank you for posting this; I have all the same sentiments that you do.

    If people are planning to switch platforms, which ones are you considering?

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  • Dr. Amy Clayton

    Juan thank you so much for pasting that link!  I kept trying to add it to all the complaint posts, but wouldn't you know it, they have been "answered"

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  • Sara

    Hi Everyone, we hear you and acknowledge all of the points made in this thread and the other posts in regards to pricing on our forum. We're still carefully reviewing all the comments made on the forum, the feature requests related to the pricing change, and the one-on-one conversations customers have had with our Customer Success Team. At this time, we don't have anything new to report as there will be no changes made to the plans, including calendar sync. But we promise to update this post and all our customers, if we decide to make changes to our new pricing structure.

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