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Adding my voice to complaints about Calendar Sync going away




  • Maryelizabeth LeBoeuf

    I am also a solo practitioner and just wanted to back up your post.  I have no need for the top tier plan either.  I agree that restricting the calendar sync feature to the top tier plan is a huge disappointment.

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  • Scott DeWalt

    Please consider adding calendar sync to the essential plan. The idea of shopping for another service is not something I’ve considered. Until now. I don’t need anything from the top tier plan, other than calendar sync. That is not worth $40 to me. I think enough of us have spoken up about this to warrant a change. I will give it til March 1st.

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  • David Glaser, LCSW

    I agree. Taking the 1-way calendar sync away is completely unreasonable. Makes me doubt how much SimplePractice is trying to make this easier for all of us. I was really liking everything that SimplePractice provides, but this is just about money. So unfortunate.

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  • Sara

    Hi everyone, we hear you and acknowledge all of the points made on this post and the other posts in regards to pricing on our forum. We're still carefully reviewing all the comments made on the forum, the feature requests related to the pricing change, and the one-on-one conversations customers have had with our Customer Success Team. At this time, we don't have anything new to report as there will be no changes made to the plans, including calendar sync. But we promise to update this post and all our customers, if we decide to make changes to our new pricing structure.

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