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Response to response about calendar sync from Sara




  • Amanda M. Rowe

    I feel the same way, Laura. Their responses have almost made the situation worse, as they’ve made it very clear that the decision was purely based on greed. My guess is they expected pushback, but are running under the assumption that many of us will have too much difficulty changing EHRs and will just end up accepting the price hike, even if we’re mad about it. All of the answers so far have felt canned, rehearsed, and don’t answer any of our complaints or questions. They still have not justified the removal of calendar sync from all of their tiers. I am still waiting on that answer. None of us want or need the “features” they added, but they had to add them in order to be able to justify the price hike and have some sort of half-assed explanation.

    Your point about their customer base being mental health professionals is so valid. Most of us are therapists who work with diagnoses like PTSD, where symptoms of avoidance are common and expected. This isn’t too different of a situation, lol! They’re just completely avoiding the question, which we are all trained to notice…But I guess maybe SP didn’t realize that we are all so highly skilled?

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  • Sara

    Hi everyone, we hear you and acknowledge all of the points made on this post and the other posts in regards to pricing on our forum. We're still carefully reviewing all the comments made on the forum, the feature requests related to the pricing change, and the one-on-one conversations customers have had with our Customer Success Team. At this time, we don't have anything new to report as there will be no changes made to the plans, including calendar sync. But we promise to update this post and all our customers, if we decide to make changes to our new pricing structure.

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