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Payor ID



  • Lee Garland

    How do you add a payor ID to the claim form? The information and payor ID number is on the Client's page and is correct, but then when I go to make a claim it doesn't show up in the payor ID box. It shows up next to the insurance name. And because of that red circle, I can't get the number into the correct box. What do I do when the payor ID nnumber does not auto-populate correctly? It seems to me that it worked much better before when I could manually put the number in. Please help.


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  • Patricia Memmer

    Also this change doesn't work for me either since when I need to Edit and resubmit a claim with Proof of Timely filing and Simple Practice doesn't allow you to update the Payer ID then I can't get the claims paid.   

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  • Stacy Pray

    I cannot change the Payer Id.  It was put in wrong... and when I edit it still comes in Wrong ..... Need to edit What do we do? 

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  • Trudy Gilbert-Eliot

    I am not able to find payer ID 77684

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