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I have a current client, needs separate case for each medical condition.



  • Shawna L. Anderson

    I too am needing this feature.   Can you please advise how to do this within the software?

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  • Barbara Belicia

    Hi Shawna,

    I am a clinician and simplepractice never replied to my help question above. However, I did look into other documentation software and during the demo a recommendation solved this for me.

    For example a SOAP note:

    I made several duplicates of my soap note.  

    I then saved each note as a different name: SOAP -Depression, SOAP - Knee, SOAP - BACK, SOAP - Pain, etc....

    Now when I filter I get the groupings of the condition I need to print or review, etc.

    The case number:

    I customized each note with a case number field.  This way if I treated the knee last year and have new case of the knee this year, when I enter the case number directly into the note I know where I am.  It is the only thing I figured out so far.  Waiting for Simple practice to come up with a better solution.



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