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divorced parents splitting payments



  • Kristin Bachman

    Please fix this with your upcoming release...I also see many children of divorce where court deems all sessions to be split by both parents.  Yes, I know I can manually process these transactions, but the beauty of your software is autopay...I should be able to split the invoice by a pre-determined split and let SimplePractice do the rest.  If this can be done, let me know!

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  • Lindsey Mullins

    I would like to voice this concern as well. I see children from divorced families in which both parents are splitting the counseling cost. Switching between accounts each week is time consuming and inconvenient. The option to consistently bill one parent 60% of the session fee and 40% to the other would be extremely helpful.

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  • Sarah Weber

    I am adding my voice to this as well. It seems like it should be easily possible with the billing to add both parties as responsible parties, without so much labor on the practitioner.

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  • Nicole Muther

    I would love to see a feature for splitting payments between parents who are divorced, as well, particularly when creating superbills. It is fairly simple to add two different payments, but extremely difficult to provide superbills. For instance, I have client whose dad pays 91% and mom pays 9%, but since I can only mark the dad as the responsible party for billing, the superbill only has his name on it with no way to differentiate who paid what amounts. 

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  • Stefanie Haug

    Hi everyone. I'm new to SimplePractice and am also looking to accept a minor with divorced parents. Does SimplePractice now provide a way to split the bill? or as a bandaid solution, can you bill both parents at the same time, wait to see who paid it, and then go into their account and delete/reconcile the bill for the parent who didn't pay?

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  • Sharon Damsker

    I just figured it out!  When you hit Create Invoice & Add Payment, the balance will have the full amount of the payment, and next to it there is a box that you can edit. Edit that amount to what you want one person to pay.  When you change that number, it will automatically change the box below it, which is the payment amount, as well and the summary, which has the invoice number/subtotal/total payment. The green bar will say “Charge $___”  which will be the partial amount.  DON’T click that yet. Go down to section 2, “Choose Payment Method”. Add both people’s cards. When you enter each card, it gives you the option to name the card. Name each card the name of the person who owns it so you don’t accidentally charge the wrong amount to the wrong person.  Select the card of the person you want the first partial payment to be charged to. Then go up to the green “Charge $___” bar, and click it. It will charge that card the partial payment. Close out of the invoice payment page and when you click on the appointment again, it will still say “unpaid”, with the remaining balance listed. Click that, and it brings you back to the payment page. Go down to section 2, click “change card” and choose the second person who will be paying the remainder of the payment. Once that is selected, go back over to the green “Charge $___” bar, and click it. BOOM! ZERO BALANCE!!  I wish these instructions were listed formally in the “how to” section. It took me forever to figure this out. I hope my directions were easy to understand, and you found them helpful. Have an awesome day!

    Of course, after I read through several other peoples questions, one received an answer that linked to a recently created instruction page. It has pictures, and it’s easier to read than my instructions.

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  • Craig Buckmore

    I would like to add my voice to this as well. We have several court cases where responsibilities are split and doing this all manually is far more error prone. Clients also keep asking why they cannot do it themselves and why this isn't a feature considering custody cases are common.

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  • Cynthia Rajchman

    I second this as well. I understand how to split payments, but:

    1. Invoices can only be sent to the (one) responsible party

    2. The superbill reflects the TOTAL amount for the session. What if one parent is submitting to insurance and the other one isn't? Then the insurance claim will reflect the full amount as opposed to the one paid for that parent...

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  • Annette Ruskin

    I also need this feature badly due to divorce and court cases. Is this being worked on?

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