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Part time biller



  • Andrea Simien

    My name is Andrea Simien, and my company is ADS Medical Billing and Consulting, LLC.  I am a medical biller who is loving working with Simple Practice, I have over 10 years in healthcare and 5 years in the mental health space.  I also teach and provide continuing education for billers.  I am open to new client opportunities. I charge an hourly rate, not a percentage.  I have multiple references and would love to visit with you about what your needs are and how I can help you succeed in your practice by freeing up time for more patients. Please feel free to reach out to me. My email is

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  • Ian Palombo

    Hey Brenda - 

    I was scrolling through the community and figured I'd shoot you a note. After several years of trying - and failing - to find an outside billing solution for my group practice, I decided to start my own. My team and I have developed a proprietary billing system around SimplePractice to increase collections and reduce AR. We have helped group practice owners all over the country to stop worrying about billing. We understand what your practice needs and we’ll treat you and your clients no different than we do our own.

    Built by a group practice owner to help other owners, Behavioral Billing & Consulting was born out of my own frustrations with previous billing companies/services/individuals that just weren’t getting it right. We understand how frustrating the billing process is for owners and providers: you didn’t go to school for this and you shouldn’t have to spend your days learning it on the fly.

    We specialize in mental health billing for group practices using SimplePractice. We can help with anything related to billing & credentialing. We offer a few different levels of services: from simple claims submission and follow-up to full-service billing with reporting and monthly consultation meetings. Book a consultation here and stop worrying about your billing. Still have questions? Visit our website here:


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