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Anyone using green screen with Telehealth



  • Carol McCormick, MA, LPC, NCC

    I was just playing around with this today. I saw a YouTube video of different green screen options in which it was recommended to try a cheap plastic green tablecloth from the Dollar Store as an inexpensive option. I decided to test that before investing in a green screen. It did not really help on Simple Practice; the halo wast still distracting enough that I wouldn't use it. I tried different cameras and nothing helped. I decided to test it with Google Meet's virtual backgrounds and it made a huge difference. If I could get the virtual backgrounds in Simple Practice to look like that, I would definitely use them and invest in a real green screen. My conclusion is that there's something about Simple Practice's virtual backgrounds that it problematic. I'm hoping they fix it or make it higher quality, or whatever needs to be done. When that happens, then I'll invest in a green screen. Good luck!

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  • Leslie Freedman

    I have the same experience -- the halo is distracting enough not to use any of the virtual backgrounds.

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