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Need Stripe 1099




  • Melissa Hill

    This is a disaster. Once again, they made an error on the 1099. With a 65% price increase, you'd think they could get it right.

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  • Jennifer M. Aakre

    The good new (I guess) is that, if you had received a 1099-k before now, it would have been incorrect anyway. So, at least you haven't received the wrong information twice! They say they're sending new ones out in the next week or so.

    If you look under "Billing and Services" and the tab "online payments" on your Simple Practice account, you'll see the address listed that they send your 1099-k to.

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  • Marcia Prinz LCSW


    You have not updated incorrect information regarding my k-1099 Tax ID. I DO NOT HAVE AN LLC. I thought I would create one but DID NOT.

    There is no  LLC. It was never filed with the IRS. The Registration number that was going to refer to the LLC was dissolved/inactivated. 

    The Tax ID has been dissolved, terminated, made inactive...since the LLC never got filed

    The correct information is in my Simple Practice Profile & has been there for quite awhile.

    Please be advised that the CORRECT TAX ID for ART OF WELLNESS (FBN/DBA) is:81-5235543.  The correct NPI is 1396871802.

    Please confirm you have received this corrected information.


    Marcia Prinz, LCSW

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  • Neta Weber

    I have not received my 1099 from Stripe/Simple Practice. Can you please email it to me?

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  • Ruth Tyson

    IS there a 1099 nec for stripe for the fees and one for simple practice for monthly fee paid? I also need the address for simple practice for my taxes. 

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  • Carrie Ryberg

    I have not received the updated 1099-K from Stripe.  How do I contact them to send it to me?  My address hasn't changed since I received the first one.

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