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  • Sara

    Hi Rebekah,

    I went ahead and unlocked your domain (Client Portal URL) so you can now navigate to Settings > Domains to update the URL and lock it again. Though it's currently unlocked, your domain is still accessible and functional for clients through the same URL. 

    However, before you change and lock your domain (Client Portal URL), there are several things you should keep in mind:

    • Links provided to clients through previous SimplePractice emails will no longer work (those links will take the client to the SimplePractice website instead)

    • Clients' login information will remain the same, but they'll have to log in from the new Client Portal URL

    • Any links to the Client Portal found elsewhere will also need to be updated, such as on your practice website or in your email signature

      • Not including websites powered by SimplePractice

    • If you currently use the Booking Widget through SimplePractice, the Booking Widget code must be re-added to your website because it will include the previous Client Portal URL

    We recommend that you let your clients know before making this change so that they're prepared. You can find this information for future reference in our guide on Setting up the Client Portal.

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