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Monarch - Accepting New Clients




  • Laura Sanders

    I can not find where to allow the “accepting new clients” button to be activated on my monarch page

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  • Sara

    Hi Rozetia,

    To accept new clients on Monarch:

    • Navigate to Settings > Client Portal 
    • Select Yes for Can new clients request appointments?
      • You’ll also want to select the type of new client that can request appointments online
    • Click Save Settings

    Next, you’ll want to set up your services to allow new clients to request appointments online without having to call to book the appointment. To do this:

    • Navigate to Settings > Billing and Services > Services
    • Click a service code to edit it
    • Select the box for Allow for New Clients
      • Deselect Require Clients to call to request available appointment
    • Click Save

    You’ll want to do this for each service that you’d like new clients to be able to request appointments for.

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